In Madhya Pradesh, there have been reports of 28,857 women and 2,944 girls going missing between 2021 and 2024.

Bhopal: According to authorities, around 31,000 women and girls vanished from Madhya Pradesh during the previous three years.

According to government data, 2,944 girls and 28,857 women have been reported missing in Madhya Pradesh between 2021 and 2024. These numbers were revealed before the state legislature in response to a query by former Home Minister and Congress MLA Bala Bachchan.

The statistics indicate that in Madhya Pradesh, 28 women and three girls go missing on average every day. Only 724 missing instances have been formally reported, which is concerning. Over the last 34 months, 676 women in Ujjain have gone missing, yet not a single case has been reported

With 245 instances, the Sagar district has the largest number of reported missing girls. The greatest number of missing women in a state district—2,384—is found in Indore. Only 15 cases out of 479 women who have gone missing for more than a month in Indore have been reported.