Jewels of India:  Top Brands Unveiled

Giva: Silver Elegance

Giva offers exquisite silver jewellery blending modern and traditional designs.

Bluestone: Online Pioneer

Bluestone provides unique and creative jewellery designs with customisation options.

Candere by Kalyan

Candere by Kalyan combines traditional craftsmanship with contemporary styles.

Amama Jewels: Celebrity Choice

Amama Jewels is a favourite among influencers and celebrities for its wide variety.

Kiri Kiri: Gemstone Craft

Kiri Kiri creates elegant jewellery with over fifteen types of semi-precious stones.

Tanishq: Luxury Redefined

Tanishq is renowned for its quality, dependability, and sophisticated designs.

Shop Lune: Celestial Inspired

Shop Lune offers modern demi-fine jewellery inspired by celestial bodies.

Caratlane: DIAMOND Jewellery

CaratLane blends innovation and tradition with its affordable and elegant designs.