Alia Bhatt’s Strategic Startup Investments

Alia's Diverse Ventures

Juggling acting and investing, Alia Bhatt focuses on innovative startups with high potential.

Fashion & Production

Beyond acting, Alia launches successful ventures in clothing, handbags, and her own production company, Eternal Sunshine.

Sustainable Kids' Fashion

With Ed A Mamma, Alia introduces eco-friendly children's clothing, using organic materials and promoting sustainability.

Investing in Nykaa

Alia Bhatt invests in Nykaa, a leading ecommerce platform for beauty products in India, enhancing its growth and market presence.

StyleCracker Investment

StyleCracker, backed by Alia, offers personalized fashion boxes by merging technology with style.

SuperBottoms Partnership

Investing in SuperBottoms, Alia promotes eco-friendly baby care products and serves as the brand ambassador.

Phool’s Floral Waste

Phool, a startup transforming floral waste into luxury incense, receives investment from Alia.

Focus on Sustainability

Alia’s investments highlight her dedication to supporting eco-friendly and socially responsible startups.

Future Ventures

Strategic investments and diverse entrepreneurial ventures showcase Alia Bhatt’s keen business acumen and innovative approach.