Bridgit Mendler's Space Leap

Cosmic Career Transition

Former Disney star Bridgit Mendler assumes Northwood Space CEO role, pioneering cosmic infrastructure.

Stunning Fan Announcement

Bridgit Mendler surprises fans with her role as CEO of Northwood Space, sparking excitement and speculation.

Entertainment to Entrepreneurship

Bridgit Mendler's shift from acting to leading Northwood Space reflects bold space industry foray.

Proud Motherhood Reveal

Bridgit Mendler shares joy of motherhood alongside cosmic ambitions, revealing her journey as a foster parent turned adoptive mom.

Passion for Space Law

Bridgit Mendler's deep fascination with space law fuels her cosmic career pivot.

Pandemic-Inspired Vision

Bridgit Mendler's pandemic-era family time ignites passion for space infrastructure, inspiring Northwood Space venture.

Cosmic Partnership Unveiled

Husband Griffin Cleverly joins Bridgit Mendler at Northwood Space as CTO, solidifying collaborative cosmic efforts.

Cosmic Venture Launch

Bridgit Mendler embarks on cosmic entrepreneurial journey with Northwood Space's $6.3 million pre-money valuation.