In the DGCA, Captain Shweta Singh is the first woman to hold the position of Chief Flight Operations Inspector.

New Delhi: As of Wednesday, Captain Shweta Singh has been officially appointed to the role of Chief Flight Operations Inspector (CFOI) within the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), having lately taken on the extra duty of this role. With this historic appointment, she becomes the first female leader in the Flight Standards Directorate (FSD) of the DGCA.

Singh said, “I am thrilled to announce my formal appointment as the Chief Flight Operations Inspector at the Directorate General of Civil Aviation,” on her LinkedIn site, reflecting on her path and sharing her happiness. I am humbled by this chance since it is a significant first, making me the first female occupant of this prestigious role. I want to open doors and make a way for next generations.”

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“In this new role, I aim to epitomize leadership and perseverance, honoring the legacy of my late father, Brigadier HC Singh,” she continued, articulating her objectives. My goal is to encourage more diversity in the aviation industry’s top ranks and act as a source of inspiration for aspiring aviators. This accomplishment is not just personal; it also represents a big step in the direction of promoting excellence and equality in Indian aviation.”

Earlier this year, the DGCA issued an order to terminate Vivek Chhabra, who was the CFOI at the time. This was a different development. His engagement contract’s pertinent clauses and private information served as the foundation for the termination. Capt. Vivek Chhabra’s contract was terminated immediately by the DGCA on the grounds of administrative grounds and public interest.