This week, Rinky Chakma, the former Miss India Tripura, lost her fight with cancer. She was given a rare sort of breast cancer diagnosis two years ago, and during the pageant, she held titles like “Miss Congeniality” and “Beauty with a Purpose.” 

This week, Rinky Chakma, the former Miss India, departed from this life following an extended fight with illness. Two years ago, the former beauty queen received a diagnosis of malignant phyllodes tumour, an uncommon and dangerous form of breast cancer. In addition to winning the titles of “Miss Congeniality” and “Beauty with a Purpose,” Chakma was named Miss India Tripura in 2017.  

“Rinky was a force to be reckoned with; she exuded purpose and elegance. She was awarded the title of Miss Beauty with a Purpose in the Femina Miss India 2017 pageant, representing Tripura. This was a testimonial to her effective activities and compassionate personality, as the Miss India Instagram handle noted. 

After a protracted absence from social media, Chakma revealed her health issues on Instagram in late January. She was waiting on brain surgery and chemotherapy treatments at the time. 

“In 2022, a malignant phyllodes tumor (breast cancer) was detected in me. It spread to my lungs after my initial operation, and it is currently a brain tumor in my head. My brain surgery is still scheduled since the disease has already spread to every part of my right body, including my lungs. It will only be feasible if I recover with chemotherapy first, and there is only 30% chance of success,” she captioned the photo.

On February 22, Chakma was admitted to the hospital in a severe condition after nearly losing consciousness in one of her lungs. Only a few days later, she died at a hospital in Delhi.

Malignant phyllodes tumor: what is it?

Data from the US government-run National Library of Medicine indicates that malignant phyllodes tumor is an uncommon breast tumor that usually affects women between the ages of 35 and 55. They make up 2.5% of all fibroepithelial breast tumors and 0.3 to 1% of all primary breast tumors.