Millions of kids all around the world aspire to be just like their favourite superheroes, Disney princesses, cartoon characters, and a host of other characters. Living the American dream, this young lady is dressing up like her favourite Disney princess and even getting paid to do it.

Maya Browne, a 27-year-old Los Angeles resident, reportedly dreamed of becoming a Disney princess since she was a high school student. She dressed up as Ariel, the Madhatter, and Moana, her three favourite Disney characters, whenever she had the chance, including on her days when she didn’t wear a uniform to school.

She soon established herself as a regular at cosplay events, began painting her own body in order to create her cosplays, and shared the results on social media. Eventually, she made the decision to become a Disney princess entertainer.

Eventually, in February 2022, she received an offer to throw kid-friendly costume parties with Mirabel and Isabela from the wildly popular animated movie Encanto. Maya, who calls her work “the best,” now hosts two parties in one day while decked up like a Disney princess. The actual princess declared that she had always been a Disney fan and that she had a bond with the characters. “I get to be a big kid for a job,” she said, adding, “I go to parties dressed up, hang out with the kids, play games, story time, birthday cakes, and take pictures.” She further disclosed that her hourly wage is $100 (about Rs 8,000).

It was during the Los Angeles Comic Con 2021 when Maya Browne made the decision to pursue a career in princess acting and cosplay. Maya continued, “She got to experience the event for three days and learned a lot about her work through a mutual friend from TikTok.”

Speaking about her professional experience as a princess cosplayer, she said that it’s enjoyable and gives her a sense of uniqueness, particularly for children who might not be able to travel to Disneyland. “When I see their faces and they hug me and won’t let go—it’s so special,” the woman said.