The actor Anushka Sen talks about her enormous social media following and starring role in a Korean movie.

She has a lot more Instagram followers than many A-list celebrities, even at the age of 21. Anushka Sen says it’s all quite daunting as she approaches the 40 million dollar milestone.

It’s really important to me. My relationships with my fans are lovely; they are like family to me. They were all born and raised with me when I was just starting out. They were kids too, but they grew up eventually. I see them as my army, and the encouragement I receive from them gives me the confidence and motivation I need to go into a set,” she beams.

On the other hand, Sen claims that certain members of the business find it difficult to accept her level of fame. “I’ve come to realize that there are occasionally elderly folks at work. Sometimes it becomes an issue because they are unable to accept it. Relationships and friendships are impacted by numbers. But you don’t control it. The performer, who is also slated to make her Korean film debut, says, “I have some beautiful friends in the industry who don’t see numbers.” She remembers that her fame on social media also contributed to her landing the role.

She knew about the Korean industry since she was a lover of Korean stuff. “Out of the blue, a Korean agency contacted me to say they were producing a movie. Sincerely, I enjoy watching Korean dramas, and I would have wanted to be a heroine in one. After reviewing my work and account, they expressed their desire to have me join the team. Over a few months, we held a few Zoom meetings before locking things down. I was told that this project is ideal for me,” she concludes.