This is a first in the world of technology as Apple has planned to make it an observer on the board of OpenAI to advance its artificial intelligence plans. This, according to Bloomberg News, is days after Apple announced in June that ChatGPT would be incorporated into its gadgets.

Phil Schiller: The Apple’s AI Ambassador

The incumbent for this critical position is Phil Schiller, who is currently in charge of Apple’s App Store, and who until recently held the position of the marketing director at Apple. From his long service and experience having worked for Apple for over 30 years, Schiller certainly has the experience. He has not been in any of the board meetings so far and his appointment is expected to begin sometime in the mid-year of 2024.

The Power Of Observation

Schiller himself will lack voting rights, however, as an observer, he will be able to watch OpenAI’s decisions on the process. This insider view could be extremely useful particularly when the company is charting new ground in the field of AI.

Apple’s AI Evolution: On The Numbers

Thus, Apple is seen to be advancing in its AI path. Last year, it was reported that this particular company spent as much as one billion US Dollars on AI R&D in the year 2023. It is projected that this figure will be double in 2024, proving that Apple is willing to advance AI technology.

The ChatGPT Integration: A Revolution

Apple is truly a genius for integrating ChatGPT in all its devices. With over 1.8 billion Active Ap; this alone immediately connects ChatGPT to a broad audience immediately. According to industry analysts, this could result in AI interactions on Apple devices to grow by 30% by the year 2025.

“Apple Intelligence”: The Next Frontier

Apart from the new integration of ChatGPT, Apple also introduced its own “Apple Intelligence” product. This model is AI based and can help in enhancing user experiences in almost all Apple’s applications and services including Siri. The initial tests by beta users reveal a 40% gain in Siri’s reliability with answers and a 25% cut in the time it takes to handle queries.

OpenAI’s Evolving Leadership

As for OpenAI, its board has been experiencing rather radical modifications recently. Sam Altman became a member of the board in March 2024 together with such successful executives as Sue Desmond-Hellmann (CEO at Gates Foundation) and Fidji Simo (CEO of Instacart). In this context, OpenAI’s leadership is quite diverse, and these leaders come with vast experience from the industry across several sectors, thus preparing the firm for more innovation.


The cooperation between Apple and OpenAI can be considered a turning point in the development of the AI business. Having Phil Schiller who serves as an observer on OpenAI’s board, Apple gets a view on the most significant advancements of AI. People around the world observe Apple and OpenAI partnership with keen interest as it holds the tech industry in anticipation. This partnership may change the entire concept of AI technology and offer the best AI facilities to customers all over the globe.In the future as Apple continues with the enhancement of the AI technology within the gadgets, the user will begin to enjoy more complicated and intelligent AI gadgets.