The State Women’s Commission started the campaign, which was introduced at Bhavani Peth’s Nivdung Vitthal Temple. In the presence of Maharashtra Minister for Women and Child Development Aditi Tatkare and Union Minister Murlidhar Mohol, the “Arogya Dindi” campaign to monitor and preserve the well-being of women participating in the yearly palkhi parade was launched.

The State Women’s Commission organized the campaign, which had its grand opening at Bhavani Peth’s Nivdung Vitthal Temple. The campaign, which has been going on for the last three years, entails putting up Hirkani Kaksha, rest spaces for older women, vending machines for sanitary napkins, and the presence of female physicians at every stop. Additionally, information on the toll-free number “1091,” which is prominently displayed, is being distributed by LED vehicles to secure the safety of women.

Tatkare commended the commission’s efforts under Rupali Chakankar, its chairman, for showing initiative and making sure that women had access to sanitary napkins and more than 250 health centers. According to her, the program protects women’s health while honoring their religious customs. Women of various ages, including young, old, pregnant, and nursing moms, frequently participate in the march and spend several days away from their homes. These women would greatly benefit from the services made available by Aarogya Dindi, the speaker stated.

She also outlined a number of the state government’s efforts that were included in the state budget that was unveiled on Saturday. Union Minister Murlidhar Mohol complimented the Women’s Commission on its work. In addition to offering a range of health services, the Commission is encouraging women to call a free hotline in the event of domestic abuse or other safety concerns. The Maharashtrian custom of women’s safety is advanced by this, according to Mohol.