When Capt. Fatima Wasim of the Siachen Warriors was sent to an operational station on the Siachen Glacier, she made history as the first woman medical officer. She has been assigned to the station at 15,200 feet in altitude.

Prior to being sent to the Indian Army’s most important strategic position, Fatima completed intense training at the Siachen Battle School.

Capt Fatima Wasim
Capt Fatima Wasim

By being the first woman medical officer to be stationed on an operational post on the Siachen Glacier, Captain Fatima Wasim of the #SiachenWarriors makes history.Indian Army’s Fire and Fury Corps wrote on X (formerly Twitter): “She was inducted to a post at an altitude of 15200 feet after undergoing rigorous training at #Siachen Battle School which speaks of her indomitable spirit and high motivation.”

The same milestone was previously reached by Captain Geetika Koul of the Snow Leopard Brigade. After completing the Siachen Battle School’s introduction training, she was also assigned to Siachen.

Situated in the northern region of the Himalayas, Siachen holds significant strategic importance for India. The area is renowned for its severe weather and rough topography, which make survival problematic.  

However, in order to increase its mobile communication, BSNL built a new base transceiver station at Siachen.