A new viral video spotlighting the meteoric success of Chinese influencer Zheng Xiang Xiang has blazed across the internet. The clips reveal how she earned an eye-popping Rs 155 crore in just one week through rapid-fire livestream selling.

Honing killer timing and marketing instincts, Zheng woos legions of viewers by flashing products onscreen for literal seconds before they immediately sell out. Her earnings velocity has sparked global buzz and even accusations of hyping her income. But there’s no denying this creative businesswoman’s enterprise in capitalizing on digital platforms.

The viral clips first emerged in November 2023, racking up millions of intrigued views. They showcase host Zheng in action during her marathon livestreaming sales sessions on platform Taobao Live.

A consummate professional, she rotates through items like a human vending machine – displaying a toy, snack, outfit or gadget for barely 3 seconds before supplies vanish from her store cart in real-time. Zheng clicks relentlessly to the next product as purchases pour in, ringing her virtual cash registers.

While such lightning income may seem unbelievable to some, Zheng has clearly mastered the art of tantalizing her audience. She drives demand by intentionally limiting product visibility and availability each round. The fear of missing out swells orders to tsunami levels.

Per stats unveiled in the video, Zheng pulled in about Rs 155 crore between November 11-18 purely from these breakneck livestream sale events spanning just 7 days. That’s almost Rs 22 crore daily for nearly a week straight!

The major events bringing this ecommerce phenom into the limelight include:

DateKey Event
November 2023Zheng Xiang Xiang hosts marathon week of rapid-selling livestream on Taobao Live
November 18Zheng concludes week of sales after earning approx. Rs 155 crore
December 2023Video compilations of Zheng’s record-breaking sales week go viral globally
January 2024Media coverage and analysis takes off regarding Zheng’s tactics and revenue claims

While critics argue no selling spree realistically generates such titanic turnover, none dispute Zheng’s monetizing brilliance. She proves that with sufficient charm, showmanship and business savvy, ambitious women can smash income ceilings.


Zheng Xiang Xiang’s stratospheric livestreaming sales numbers reveal the towering potential of female entrepreneurs on digital platforms today. Where cynics see hype or exploitation, optimistic observers recognize a role model making her own rules. This savvy businesswoman dispels outdated notions on how women should behave and earn. Her record-shattering commerce week makes one thing clear – the future of women’s entrepreneurship shines bright worldwide!