Manpreet Kaur was a Melbourne student pursuing a career in cooking. She died of TB, hence her corpse is prohibited from leaving Australia. The guy who was sat behind an Indian woman who passed away just before her Melbourne to New Delhi aircraft took off revealed that he was “haunted” by the event. 

Manpreet Kaur, 24, was involved in an incident on June 20 when he boarded a Qantas aircraft to Delhi. She passed away instantly after experiencing a medical emergency while fastening her seatbelt. As Ms. Kaur was taking a seat, Ravinder Arora, who was seated beside her, caught sight of her.

She was sitting on the aisle when I got on the aircraft. I begged her to get up so I could take my seat because I was in the window. “I noticed that she began scrolling through photos on her mobile phone and stopped at a photograph of an elderly couple,” claimed Mr. Singh. “Were they her parents, I inquired. She continued to stare at it while grinning and nodding.”

It was Ms. Kaur’s first trip to India in four years. According to Mr. Singh, the woman leaned forward and rested her head on the seat in front of her as the jet started to move along the runway. However, Ms. Kaur’s head shifted toward Mr. Singh’s direction due to a jolt in the aircraft. As soon as he realized anything was off, he informed the staff.

Despite their best attempts, the flight attendants were unable to bring her back to consciousness. Mr. Singh claimed that the experience is still haunting him. “The event will always be marked in my mind. He told the site, “It is really hard to process that a little kid you were just engaging with has died in front of your eyes.

Her sweet face continues to haunt me, and I want her parents to know how much she loved them. Gazing at their picture, she gently departed from this world. “I feel so bad for her family, who must have been excited to see her after all these years,” Mr. Singh continued.

Ms. Kaur intended to become a chef and was a student in Melbourne. Because she passed away from TB, her corpse is unable to leave Australia, thus her parents had to apply for a visa in order to travel there and attend their daughter’s burial.

Ms. Kaur’s family said that she had “difficulty talking” and “no energy to do anything” and that her health had been steadily declining over the past few months. The next day, Australian authorities began tracking contacts, and anyone who were found to pose a risk are being alerted.