At the cybercrime police station in Bengaluru East division, a complaint was filed in this respect.

According to police sources on Tuesday, a woman lawyer in Bengaluru fell victim to cybercriminals and spent two days under “video arrest,” during which she not only lost ₹14.57 lakh in money but also posed in the nude for them.

The event, according to the police, happened between April 3 and April 5.

At the cybercrime police station in Bengaluru East division, a complaint was filed in this respect.

The 29-year-old city victim got a call from someone posing as a customer service representative from the multinational delivery company FedEx, informing her that her package had been returned and she needed to talk to an executive in customer service.

The executive informed her that the package had 140 synthetic drugs (MDMA), three credit cards, and five passports that had been delivered in her name from Mumbai to Thailand.

She was informed that because the package had drugs, it was put on hold and that she should report ID theft to the Mumbai cybercrime team if she hadn’t lodged it herself.

They forwarded my call to the Mumbai cybercrime unit once I established that I did, in fact, wish to file a complaint about identity theft. In her complaint, she stated, “To communicate with the cybercrime team, I had to download Skype and enter my email address.”

They then questioned her regarding the “illegal parcel” and the data of her Aadhaar card.

The ‘cyber crime squad’ then said that they will communicate with higher authorities.

“I was then told that there was a high alert for narcotics and human trafficking on my Aadhaar card. I was then requested to turn on the camera and strike up a discussion with an alleged senior CBI official, Abhishek Chauhan, over the Skype connection,” the complainant added.

The ‘CBI officer’ told her there was an identity theft, money laundering, and human trafficking case, she said.

“They were questioning me nonstop about my investments, monthly income, yearly CTC, and current amount in my bank account. I provided all the information they need,” the victim said to authorities.

This was a ‘very sensitive matter,’ therefore she was made to swear not to share any information with anybody until the inquiry was over.

Because “police and politicians were involved in this case,” the victim was told to cooperate with the authorities and was barred from interacting with her parents.

To see if she had texted or phoned anybody, they urged her to stay online, keep the camera turned on, and share her screen.

I was under observation all day, even at night. She complained, “I was told to keep the camera on and go to sleep.

She complied with the request to transfer ₹10,78,993 from her bank account to the name of Nithin Joseph, the account holder, on April 4.

Additionally, on April 5, they completed two other transactions on Amazon for ₹2.04 lakh and ₹1.74 lakh.

The lady said in the lawsuit that she was made to strip and pose for camera under the guise of undergoing “narcotic tests.”

She said she was threatened with arrest in a narcotics case if she didn’t keep doing it, along with her family.

“The alleged officer later blackmailed me that if I don’t give him ₹10 lakh by 3 pm on April 5, he will sell her video to multiple people including dark web,” she wrote in her complaint.