Attorney Alina Habba, who was proud to support Donald Trump in the defamation lawsuit, retaliated against the media following the court’s decision to award damages.

Alina Habba, the former US president’s lawyer, continues to proudly defend her client against accusations of sexual assault made by E Jean Carroll. On Friday, January 26, the federal court advanced the case further by ordering Donald Trump to reimburse the “Ask E. Jean” writer for a substantial sum of money. Habba pleaded with the “genuine journalists” to examine Judge Kaplan’s directives rejecting each and every one of Trump’s defences before the jury.

Speaking to the reporters outside the federal court following the session, she declared, “We will immediately appeal,” citing the denial of entry for her “experts.” Continue reading below for more of her remarks about the “violation of the justice system.”

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Alina Habba, the attorney for Donald Trump, reacts to the media

As Habba left the courtroom after the slander lawsuit against E Jean Carroll was decided, the media reacted angrily. She was immediately asked whether she was thinking twice about representing the former US President by one of the gathering’s journalists. Habba shot back, saying she wasn’t in a caustic response to the query. She went on, “It is the proudest thing I could ever do.”

Conversely, she voiced her opposition to the court’s decision. Do not misunderstand. We are seeing a breach in our legal system. It is not permissible to take away all of your defences. She even continued to refer to the former president as a potential candidate for president in the future, adding political overtones to the situation.

She restated that Trump maintains his innocence against the accusations of sexual assault because it is “the truth” in her final statements on Friday in court. She further tarnished Carroll’s position in her attempts to support Trump, which prompted Judge Kaplan to protest and issue a warning. The former president “does not live in fear,” as Habba made quite clear.

The beginnings of the Donald Trump vs E Jean Carroll trial

In her book What Do We Need Men For?, the former Elle journalist first accused Trump of sexually assaulting her in the changing room of a Manhattan department store in the middle of the 1990s. A Gentle Recommendation. 2019 saw its publication. Carroll sued Trump in 2019 for slandering her and damaging her career after he denied his accusations and continued to make crass remarks about her.

The court ultimately determined on January 26, 2024, that Trump would be obligated to pay E Jean Carroll a staggering $83.3 million in damages, which included $18.3 million in compensatory penalties and $65 million in punitive damages. Since 2019, Carroll has been emotionally distressed by Trump and his legal team. In addition, the Republican is vying with Democratic candidate Joe Biden for the 2024 presidential nomination.