At the 77th Cannes Film Festival, Nancy Tyagi, a fashion influencer from Delhi, made her red carpet debut wearing a stunning pink gown. The content producer shared her “dream come true” encounter on Instagram. She disclosed in the post’s description that she made her own outfit rather than purchasing it from a high-end retailer. It took her 30 days to create her debut dress at Cannes, which she put her “heart and soul” into. “It seems unreal to be a debutant walking the red carpet at the 77th Cannes Film Festival,” Ms. Tyagi wrote in the post. She also uploaded a number of pictures of herself strutting the elite red carpet.  

This pink gown, which took 30 days to make, used 1000 metres of fabric, and weighs more than 20 kg, is the result of my heart and soul. Although the road has been difficult, every minute has been worthwhile. I’m ecstatic and really grateful for all of your love and support. This is a dream come true, and I sincerely hope you are as amazed by my invention as I have been motivated by your support. The content author continued, “From the bottom of my heart, thank you!” 

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In just a few hours after it was shared, Ms. Tyagi’s post had received over 900,000 likes. Users complimented the fashion influencer and referred to her as “legendary” in the comments section. 

“I’m not sure why, but it seems like a win-win situation here. It’s a dream come true for everyone living in a tiny city, and she’s done it with such grace that it feels like a personal victory,” a user commented. “The happiest I’ve been for someone I don’t personally know!” replied another.

“A combination of skill and hard effort. Nancy, you are extraordinary. This will be noted in the annals,” said a third person. “A tale such as this one makes me once again believe in the strength of goodness and diligence. Quite literally the most deserving of all!” a fourth person said. 

“Even though I don’t know her well, I still enjoy seeing her on the red carpet. Nancy, you made for ever-bigger things. May God reward you. I’ll tell you one more thing: even though there’s no comparison, you looked considerably better than Bollywood celebrities. The layout, the hairstyle, the makeup—everything is amazing. And sure, that naive grin,” remarked an Instagram user.