On December 4, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared that the administration was dedicated to boosting the number of women serving in the armed services. On Navy Day, the Prime Minister of Maharashtra stated, “Today, India is setting bigger targets for itself and is utilising its full potential to achieve those targets.” He was speaking in the Konkani coastal district of Sindhudurg.

The Prime Minister declared that India was eschewing the “slave mentality” and moving forward, motivated by the principles of the Maratha warrior ruler of the 17th century. He had earlier inaugurated a statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji at Rajkot fort.

Government committed to increasing the number of women in the armed forces: PM Modi

“Every Indian citizen feels proud of the Sindhudurg Fort,” Mr. Modi remarked, applauding Shivaji’s vision in realising the significance of naval might for any country. He was happy that since the new epaulettes resemble the naval ensign, the epaulettes worn by the naval officers would now emphasise Shivaji’s lineage and legacy.

“I am pleased to inform you that the Indian Navy would be renaming its ranks in accordance with Indian culture, since we take great pleasure in our heritage. We are also attempting to strengthen the position of women in our armed forces. The PM praised the Navy for selecting the nation’s first female commanding commander on a military vessel. The Prime Minister paid tribute to Shivaji’s extensive maritime history by stating that the new naval pennant, which was adopted last year at the commissioning of the first indigenous aircraft carrier, INS Vikrant, was inspired by the warrior king’s seal.

He said that hundreds of crores of rupees were being spent on the preservation of these historical landmarks throughout Maharashtra, including the Konkan, and that both the Central and State governments were committed to keeping the forts constructed during Shivaji’s reign intact. According to Mr. Modi, this will boost local tourism and open up new job and self-employment options.

“This is our route to a developed India: heritage and development together. The PM emphasised that improving the quality of life for every family residing in coastal areas is currently the Central Government’s top goal. According to him, the nation was supporting port-led development at a level never seen before. Additionally, merchant shipping is promoted. India is making steps to fully use its ocean resources,” he stated.

The Prime Minister also discussed the recent practice of observing armed forces holidays, including Army Day and Navy Day, outside of Delhi, which has drawn attention to these events by extending the celebration to other parts of India.