The first GTA 6 trailer went up a day ahead of schedule after it leaked online, in case you missed it (which is entirely understandable considering it only aired Monday evening). The brief and unsavoury highlights are that Grand Theft Auto VI will be released in 2025 and will transport us back to Vice City in the present era.

Notably, the teaser unveiled the two main heroes of the long-running series: Lucia, who appears to be of Latin American ancestry and is the first female hero in the series’ 3D history. She is joined by her unidentified accomplice as they play around Vice City on a speedboat, sports car, and motorcycle. The male lead wasn’t identified as Jason in the teaser, although he was called James in the infamous GTA 6 leak from September 2022. 

GTA 6 Unveils Official Trailer Featuring First Female Protagonist
GTA 6 Unveils Official Trailer Featuring First Female Protagonist

You can view the complete one-minute and thirty-second movie here, which was posted on Rockstar Games’ official YouTube account. As of the writing of this, it had received over 785k comments, over 120 million views, and 9.9 million likes in just 2 days of being uploaded. 

First trailer for GTA 6 released

The 90-second teaser verifies a number of minor information that were already hinted at by the leaks. The teaser hinted at the setting of the game being Vice City-esque, which was a subject of rumours. A fresh turning point for the developers was the introduction of Lucia, the first female heroine. The reports that she had a background similar to Bonnie and Clyde also sound credible.

But there was a lot the trailer left out, and we anticipate finding out more in the upcoming months. There was some uncertainty in the GTA 6 teaser regarding the number and identity of the game’s protagonists as the whole attention was on Lucia. There are three primary playable characters in the game, according to rumours: Jason, a male character, Lucia, and a youngster who may be the third protagonist.

In the teaser, Lucia is seen getting out of jail and committing a number of crimes with a man who is probably Jason, her boyfriend. The trailer showcases brief gameplay segments together with amazing enhancements to the animation and graphical quality. Additionally, it looks like there might be an alligator somewhere in the side missions.

Many players had hoped for a 2024 release, however Rockstar Games has now revealed that GTA 6 will arrive in 2025.