A screenshot of the email asking the 50-year-old to return to work is shared by her daughter.

A college student from Ireland caused a stir on social media when she disclosed that her boss had requested her mother, an advanced cancer sufferer, to return to work. The student posted a screenshot of the email her mother, 50, had received from her boss on Reddit.

According to the email, the manager requested that her mother provide a note from her doctor attesting to her fitness. Would you kindly obtain a note from the oncologist indicating your suitability to resume work? The email stated, “If you are fit, your oncologist must specify if there is anything specific you are unable to do to ease your return to work.”

“Kindly forward your March 20th certificate as soon as possible,” it stated.

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“She was diagnosed 18 months ago and her workplace was notified right away, meaning the boss has been aware of the severity of the illness for a long time,” the student said in the comment area. It’s crazy to request welfare meetings with less than 24 hours’ notice.

She is hoping to return to work in the future. “Yes, it’s still stage 4, but you’re a fighter who’s staying stable on treatment,” her medical staff frequently tells us. She has been receiving chemotherapy for a while, but I have faith that she will recover. She still had a lot of fight in her,” she continued.

Social media users criticized the management and expressed sympathy for the youngster and her mother. For this reason, employment and insurance shouldn’t be linked. Horrible,” a Reddit user said. “Remain optimistic! A other user stated, “My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma at age 97. It spread to his brain, liver, and lungs, but he beat it in a year and a half of immunotherapy. He lived to 101 and didn’t die from cancer.”