Experts predict that Lakhpati Didi 2.0, included in Budget 2024, would provide rural women access to markets and viable business models. Experts believe Lakhpati Didi 2.0 might be a game-changer for rural women’s economic empowerment before Budget 2024. The updated strategy places more emphasis on market connections, skill development, and sustainable company models than it does on income objectives.

During the Interim Budget 2024, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman introduced the ‘Lakhpati Didi’ plan. Three crore women are to be empowered by the plan, up from the earlier goal of two crore. The Minister underlined the significance of self-help groups (SHGs), which have nine crore women and 83 lakh members, emphasizing how these groups empower and empower rural communities to change socioeconomic trends.

Budget 2024 has raised expectations for Lakhpati Didi version 2.0, with a focus on transformative effects beyond income generation. Rosemoore director Ridhima Kansal presented possible expansions that would strengthen market connections and focus on sustainable skill development. She also proposed increasing funding for digital literacy programs that would enable rural women to take advantage of e-commerce opportunities.

To achieve widespread economic involvement, she envisaged better access to loans and microfinance and integrated the program with programs like the National Rural Livelihood Mission. Mamta Shekhawat, founder of, emphasized that the revised approach could significantly elevate women’s livelihood programs by fostering women-led cooperatives, enhancing market influence, and providing social security benefits for long-term financial stability. Nidhi Aggarwal, Founder of SpaceMantra, expressed optimism that Lakhpati Didis 2.0 could catalyze gender-inclusive economic policies on a global scale.

Pooja Choudhary, Founder of Lavanya The Label, envisioned ‘Destination Lakhpati Didi’ in Budget 2024 as a catalyst for rural women’s financial inclusion and as a global role model for gender-inclusive economic development programs. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will deliver her seventh straight Union Budget later this month, making history as the first finance minister to do so since the creation of the current NDA government led by the BJP. The budget may be presented on July 24 at 11 a.m., according to media sources, however, this time has not been verified. At the time of reporting, Mint was unable to provide independent verification.