Without a doubt, the saree is one of the most sophisticated and adaptable traditional Indian clothes. It is a mood rather than merely a piece of apparel. The traditional Nivi style and the more contemporary Pant style are two different ways to drape a saree. There is a saree draping style for every occasion, be it a wedding, party, or any other special occasion. We’ll look at 15 distinct modern and traditional saree draping styles for weddings and festivities in this article. Some of these look amazing and need very little work on your part.

10 Latest Types of Wedding & Party Saree Wearing & Draping Styles

Why Saree Draping Is So Gorgeous

The ease of use and adaptability of saree draping contribute to its attractiveness. This six-yard length of cloth may be draped in a variety of ways to create a dress suitable for any setting. Traditional silk sarees can be found, as well as contemporary georgette and chiffon styles. It’s simple to select a fabric that matches your taste and style because each one has a certain elegance and charm of its own. You can experiment with different draping styles based on the saree’s fabric. Now let’s get started!

Varieties of Saree Draping Designs

Draping Style of Open Pallu Saree

Rather than pleating and pinning up the pallu, the open pallu saree draping style drapes the pallu over the left shoulder and leaves it open. It is a common style for sarees that have elaborate pallu motifs, similar to the traditional and timeless Kanjivaram sarees.

Nivi or Basic Draping Style for Sarees

The most popular and extensively utilised saree draping style is the Nivi, or fundamental, saree draping method. The pallu hangs behind the saree, which is draped over the left shoulder after being pleated and tucked in at the waist. For women who wear sarees on a daily basis, this technique of draping works well.

Draping Style of Mermaid Saree

A stylish and contemporary way to drape a saree is the mermaid saree draping style. It is ideal for celebrations and weddings and is modelled after the outline of a mermaid’s tail. The saree is wrapped around the legs tightly in this way, and it flares out at the bottom. For this draping style, lightweight materials like georgette, chiffon, and crepe work best.

Draping Style of a Belted Saree

Indian and western designs have been combined to create the belted saree draping trend. This technique gives the saree a sleek and contemporary appearance by using a belt to tighten it at the waist. It is ideal for formal occasions and gatherings.

If you want to style your saree in a modern way, the belted draping method is ideal

for you. It’s a straightforward, sophisticated look that draws attention to the waist and defines the form. This look is ideal for formal events like receptions.

Draping Style of Front Pallu Saree

A contemporary interpretation of the classic saree draping style is the front pallu saree draping style. This saree wear style is distinctive and fashionable since the pallu is draped over the front of the body.

Dhoti-style drapes for sarees

Popular among young ladies, the dhoti style saree draping is a combination of the classic saree and dhoti. In contrast to other saree draping techniques, the dhoti style requires you to wear tight-fitting pants or leggings in place of a petticoat. Wearing a saree is more pleasant and hassle-free with the dhoti style draping. For weddings, celebrations, and other special occasions, the dhoti-style saree draping is an excellent choice.

Lehenga-Style Draping for Sarees

One popular saree draping style among young women is the lehenga style. It is a combination of the classic lehenga and saree. It is among the most well-liked styles of saree draping among women. Weddings and other traditional events are the ideal setting for the lehenga-style saree draping. 

Around-the-Neck Saree Draping Style

One contemporary and distinctive way to drape a saree is the around-the-neck style. For those who wish to give their classic saree look a twist, it is ideal. This method gives the pallu a highly sophisticated and fashionable appearance because it is wrapped around the neck like a scarf. Lightweight materials like crepe, georgette, and chiffon are ideal for this style.

Draping Style of Dupatta Saree

The dupatta saree draping style combines the classic saree draping technique with the flowing texture of a dupatta. This method gives the saree a very lovely and royal appearance by draping it over it with a dupatta. For a more contemporary appearance, simply pleat the dupatta and pin it to your right shoulder. Alternatively, you can pin it to your head and bring it in between your elbows for a bridal effect.

Draping of Cape Style Sarees

One stylish and distinctive technique to drape a saree is in the cape style. This style gives the saree a modern, contemporary appearance by wearing a cloak over it.

The cape-style Saree draping is a modern look that has gained a lot of popularity lately. It entails draping a cloak over the saree to create a fusion look ideal for weddings and gatherings. For ladies who like to create a bold yet refined look, this design is perfect.


The art of saree draping has been handed down through the generations. It is fundamental to Indian fashion and culture. With the help of these 15 most recent variations on modern and traditional saree draping styles, you may play around with your saree draping and give your look something special. Thus, appreciate the beauty of saree draping and have fun discovering the various looks it offers. Always remember that confidence is the key to rocking any saree draping style, therefore wear it with poise and assurance.