The actual Rosalie Nombre, a musician and influencer from Ukraine, is the inspiration behind Victoria.

An AI-generated “spokeswoman” representing Ukraine has been launched; she will offer updates on the country’s ongoing, third-year war with Russia.

 Victoria Shi, the

The virtual spokeswoman, identified by the Ukrainian Government of Foreign Affairs (MFA) as “Victoria Shi,” would provide “updated information on consular matters,” the government said on X (formerly Twitter).

It stated, “The MFA of Ukraine has presented a digital persona that will officially comment for the media for the first time in history.”

“Dear public and media representatives, please accept my greetings. I go by Victoria.I was developed by the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs using artificial intelligence to give you accurate and fast information on consular access. In a little video that is included with the MFA’s article, Victoria declares, “I am a digital person.”

“We are stepping into the future with my appointment. I’m looking forward to a productive partnership,” Shi adds.

Everything you should know about Victoria Shi

  • A genuine person serves as the model for the virtual spokesman. The singer and influencer Rosalie Nombre from Ukraine consented to the use of her voice and likeness “pro bono”—that is, without charge.
  •  “Victoria Shi” is a portmanteau of the Ukrainian phrase for artificial intelligence, “shtuchniy intelekt,” and the English word “victory” (win).
  • The Game Changers, a collective that has produced other war-related content, is the entity responsible for creating Shi.
  • The purpose of Victoria, according to Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, is to allow “genuine diplomats to be more effective and focus on other tasks of assisting citizens.”
  • Shi will be accompanied by a QR code that connects her remarks to written versions on the ministry’s website, preventing fakes.

(6) The war-torn European country stopped providing consular services to Ukrainian males of fighting age who were living abroad last week, forcing them to return home for formalities and perhaps face the “draft.”