The royal admirers used the word “Thoughts with Catherine” to express their support for The Princess of Wales. An unidentified royal admirer took over Meghan Markle’s lifestyle business website and wrote a message for Kate Middleton. The American Riviera Orchard website, which ends in “.uk,” points to a foodbank nonprofit organization in the UK. On the landing page, the wording says, “Forgiveness.” Authorization. Donate to the Trussell Trust, please. Clicking on the contribute button takes users to a fundraiser on the page.An anonymous royal fan takes over the UK domain for American Riviera Orchard, the brand owned by Meghan Markle.

The Trussel Trust is in charge of the fundraising, and it seems legitimate on the Just Giving website. The charity is “working to end the need for food banks in the UK,” according to its description on the site. While the identity of the hijacker remains unknown, the anonymous user made it clear in the fundraiser’s article that Meghan was not the one behind it, expressing hope that the Duchess “wouldn’t mind.”

Additionally, the royal admirer supported The Princess of Wales by posting the phrase “Thoughts with Catherine.” This occurred only a few weeks after Kate Middleton revealed in a video that she had cancer and that she was receiving the required treatments. It seems that Kate’s supporters were happy with her decision because the fundraising has raised $550 of the $1,245 goal. 42 people have given to the cause as of this writing.

Admirers of Kate Middleton applaud the anonymous royal admirer who took over Meghan Markle’s website.

Several supporters thanked the anonymous user for taking over the site for a worthy cause in notes they placed on the fundraiser. “I’m hoping for a quick recovery for Princess Catherine and King Charles,” a fan going by the handle Lisa commented. We appreciate the buyer of this domain who plans to utilize it to HELP PEOPLE IN NEED rather than just feigning assistance in exchange for a cut.

Mrs. Mac, a different admirer, wrote, “Well done to whoever has done this.” Markle, up yours! My warmest regards to King Charles and Princess Catherine. “Get well soon, Princess Catherine—your country loves you,” said an admirer of Kensington. At this moment, William, our thoughts are with you, your children, and the King and Queen.