Because of tumors, she had to have her whole stomach removed, earning the moniker “gutless.”

Food blogger Natasha Diddee, also known on Instagram as “the gutless foodie,” passed away in Pune on Sunday, March 24, her husband said on Monday. Diddee was a chef who was suffering from stomach problems.She said, “Lost my entire stomach to stress,” in her Instagram bio. Decided to live rather than exist. #TheGutlessFoodie is who I am. I’m also @thegutlessauthor & @thegutlessfoodieeatsout.

Due to prolonged stress, Natasha developed tumors in her stomach, which were removed to stop the tumors from spreading. Patients may need to adjust their diets and need lifetime nutritional supplementation after treatment to make up for the stomach loss.

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“That Heartbreaking News…”

I must announce the tragic death of my wife Natasha Diddee, also known as The Gutless Foodie, with much grief and sorrow. On March 24, 2024, early in the morning, in Pune, India, we lost her.

The Instagram account @thegutlessfoodie will remain active and open since, as far as I can tell, many of her fans regularly return for her recipes and the published content continues to serve as a source of inspiration. She also inspires a lot of people with her postings and tales.

I also know that she always felt it was vital to try and reply to everyone who contacted her, and that she enjoyed having direct conversations with her fans. She also had a terrific time getting to know her fans at various gatherings and on our many trips over the years.

The spouse of Natasha shared on her Instagram page, “Her “Foofoo” recipes helped to spice up the almost 20 years I got to have her as the love of my life and partner.”