On Friday, June 14, Esmeralda Upton, 59, was found guilty of three misdemeanor assault counts and one misdemeanor terroristic threat.

A woman in Plano, Texas, was convicted of a hate crime after allegedly physically and verbally assaulting multiple Asian American women in 2022. On Friday, June 14, the Collin County District Attorney announced that 59-year-old Esmeralda Upton was convicted of three misdemeanor assault counts and one misdemeanor terroristic threat. Each charge has a state hate crime enhancement.

In August 2022, Upton reportedly attacked four South Asian ladies outside the Sixty Vines Restaurant in Plano, attempting to punch three of them and threatening the fourth, telling them to “go back to India.” The victims videotaped the event with their phones, and the footage quickly went viral.

The victims were of South Asian ethnicity. Upton continued to make racist slurs after Plano Police arrived on the scene. She was then jailed on state charges and later pled guilty to the four counts.

According to a statement from the Collin County District Attorney, “Upton was sentenced to two years of community supervision probation and 40 days in the Collin County Jail for each of the cases.” The imprisonment will be served consecutively, and Upton was fined $500 in each case.

“As Americans, we should all be able to enjoy our constitutional liberties, free and secure from this type of racially motivated assault,” stated Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis. “Indeed, America is the only nation on the planet characterized by its ideas rather than by race or ethnicity. I’d like to thank United States Attorney Damien Diggs and his prosecutors, the Plano Police Department, and the FBI Dallas Field Office for their efforts and collaboration.

What exactly does the video show?

When one of the victims identified Upton as white, she explained that she is Mexican American. Upton is heard stating in the video, “I was born here.” She also said things like “we don’t want you here” and “if things were so great in your country, then stay there.”

Upton briefly appeared to walk away before returning and violently attacking the victims. The phone that was used to film the video was clearly knocked off. One of the victims attempted to clarify that she is a naturalized citizen, to which Upton answered, “You are a naturalized citizen.” You are not a natural-born or nurtured citizen.”

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Anamika Chatterjee, one of the victims, gave a statement before Upton was sentenced. “My American-born children resemble Indians. Chatterjee allegedly added, “I am constantly scared for them because of your hatred and attack.”

“That is the worst effect of what you did to me—constant worry and anxiety.” It continues to astound me that a person from a minority background, as you boasted about during the event, can act like this without shame,” she continued.