Sweety, 30, the wife of Karnataka businessman Manish, and their 11-year-old son Hridhan became Jain monks. These days, the two live in Surat.

Deciding to become a monk is highly respected in Jain society. To do this, they have to give up even the most basic of modern conveniences, such fans, air conditioners, mattresses, computers, and other devices, and adhere to the teachings of the Jain Gods. Sweety, 30, the wife of Karnataka-based businessman Manish, and their 11-year-old son Hridhan just become Jain monks. Following their Diksha, the mother, Bhavshudhi Rekha Shri Ji, and the son, Hitashay Ratanavijay Ji, received new names. For those who are unaware, Diksha is a rite in which an individual formally pledges to lead an austere or spiritually restrained life.

A family cousin named Viveka told HT that Bhavshudhi Rekha Shri Ji decided to become a monk while she was expecting her son. She also made the decision that her kid would become a Jain monk and follow in her footsteps at the same time. Her son was therefore reared with the knowledge that he would one day enter the monastic life.

Manish, Bhavshudhi Rekha Shri Ji’s spouse, endorsed her resolve after hearing it. Manish and other family members were “happy and proud of them,” according to Viveka, who spoke with HT.

The mother-son pair’s fervent Diksha ceremony was held in Surat, Gujarat, in January 2024. These days, both of them live in Surat.

Watch their ceremony’s video here:

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The video has received over a million views on X, a social media platform.

A rich Gujarati Jain couple had previously given away around ₹200 crores to become monks. In February, Bhavesh Bhandari and his spouse threw away everything in a ceremonial ceremony. They will publicly announce later that they intend to lead a life of renunciation. The son and daughter of the couple took Diksha in 2022.