After transgender athlete Hailey Davidson won an event in Florida and raised her chances of being invited to the LPGA Tour, a women’s golf tour replied to criticism on Monday.

The CEO of NXXT Golf, Stuart McKinnon, who oversees the circuit on which Davidson has achieved success, defended the organisation’s transgender inclusiveness rules, stating that they were established in accordance with USGA and LPGA guidelines.

In addition to stating that the league will survey its players over its transgender inclusiveness policies, McKinnon noted the opinions on whether it is fair for Davidson to compete against biological females. She also requested that Davidson “undergo additional testosterone testing to ensure compliance with the appropriate guidelines.”

“We understand that this topic evokes strong feelings and diverse viewpoints,” McKinnon stated. “We support polite discussion and show respect for all athletes who aim to compete at the top levels of their respective sports.

Trans golfer asked to take testosterone tests

“We are dedicated to maintaining the greatest standards in the sport, assisting our athletes in realising their goals, and creating an environment that is inclusive, courteous, and welcoming of creative improvements. We are grateful for our golf community’s enthusiasm and dedication, and we’re still committed to offering a venue that protects the standards of women’s professional golf.

“We want to reassure everyone involved, including the public, that we will be transparent and meticulous in our handling of this issue. We commit to delivering more updates as they become accessible and pertinent as we continue to collect and evaluate more data. Our unwavering focus is on carefully striving to make sure the most current and correct information is disseminated.”

The NXXT Women’s Classic was won by Davidson in a playoff game. After winning, Davidson posted on Instagram to take the lead in the competition for an Epson Tour exemption. The LPGA Tour’s development tour is called the Epson Tour. The LPGA Tour is open to the top 10 players from the Epson Tour.

Davidson shared about the criticism on her Instagram Stories amid the outcry.

In the now-deleted tweet, Davidson stated, “It’s crazy the amount of misinformed hatred I have received so far today.” “These people all believe that I hit it 300 or even 280 yards. On a good day, how about 250?

Davidson, a Scottish native who currently resides in Kissimmee, Florida, took part in the 2022 Epson Tour Qualifying School but was not selected for the Epson Tour.

In 2010, the LPGA Tour did away with its “female at birth” criteria. According to a May 2021 Golfweek article, Davidson had gender reassignment surgery in 2021 after starting hormone therapy treatments in 2015. The outlet claims that Davidson last participated in a male competition at the Admiral’s Cove local qualifying for the U.S. Open in Jupiter, Florida in 2015.

In an Instagram post on Sunday, Davidson said, “It’s always interesting how no one gets angry until there is any form of success.” “Although this win was incredible, I am incredibly far from the LPGA Tour and have a lot of work ahead of me to perhaps earn a spot there in the future, despite what every headline claims. I refuse to let hatred triumph, especially when it is founded on false information.”