An incident on a local train in West Bengal’s North 24 Parganas district has led to public unrest and police intervention after a woman was reportedly found carrying a seven-month-old infant in a bag. The event that happened on a Wednesday has fuelled debates on safety of children and ensured tension between both sides.

Key Details:

1. Discovery: Some passengers on a Sealdah bound Duttapukur local train heard the cry of an infant from a bag being carried by a woman when the train was nearing Birati station.

2. Passenger Reaction: It is stated that the silence of the woman provoked physical attacks by other passengers assuming that child abduction had taken place.

3. Police Involvement: The woman was subsequently taken to the Government Railway Police station at Dumdum for interrogation.

4. Public Unrest: Police was forced to resort to lathi-charge to control protesters who wanted the alleged woman to be handed to them at Birati railway station.

5. Recent Context: This comes after four suspected child lifters were lynched in North 24 Parganas within the week, with the other attacks happening in Srikrishnapur and Barasat.

The occurrence is a clear example of the healthy relationship that needs to be upheld between the public on the watch for any sunders of the law and the need to follow the law in apprehending any suspects. It also highlights levels of emerging conflict as regards to safety issues of children in the region.

The police are still trying to determine how the baby got into the bag and what the woman was planning. This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of proper channels for reporting suspicious activities and the risks associated with vigilantism.

As the investigation progresses, authorities are likely to address public concerns while emphasising the importance of allowing legal processes to unfold without interference.