A 24-year-old Faridabad resident, who was detained earlier this month in relation to a cyber fraud case worth Rs 4 crore, absconded from police custody while travelling by train from Haryana to Pune.

On Tuesday, officials announced that the event happened on Sunday.

The accused, Saniya (24) alias Gudiya alias Sofia Siddique, was taken into custody on February 17 from her residence in Faridabad, Haryana, according to the Government Railway Police (GRP).

In Pune, a FIR was filed against Saniya in relation to a Rs 4 crore cybercrime.According to the GRP, she was being taken to Pune by Duronto Express after being detained by a squad of Pune police consisting of four male and one female policeman.

At approximately 4.10 am on Sunday, the woman managed to release her hands from the handcuffs, elude the police, and escape from detention, they said. When the train arrived at Ratlam station, the Pune police squad realised the woman had gone.

According to CCTV footage, the woman was located after the squad searched for her, and on Monday, the authorities claimed, a complaint about her was filed in Kota.

Manoj Soni, the Circle Inspector at the GRP police station in Kota, stated that efforts are being made to locate the woman.

She spent a few hours at a lodge on Mala Road here before leaving, according to the preliminary inquiry, he added.