An incensed women’s organization prepared a scathing retort when a sign in Pune asked ladies to dress modestly. When self-styled moral police posted a banner in Pune requesting women to dress so as not to draw attention, a vengeful women’s organization was prepared with a caustic retort. On the social networking site X, journalist Yogesh Sadhwani posted a picture of the poster along with the comments it garnered. His post is gradually becoming more and more popular.

Two posters are seen in the picture affixed to a wall. The first poster has an image of an old woman wearing a saree and the words, “Ladies, Make sure you dress such that no one may give you an unfavorable impression. Regards, Mast Group.

The “Mast Group” (which roughly translates to Cool Group) was therefore asking women to dress modestly to avoid attracting attention. The unasked-for counsel did not escape attention. In response, a women’s organization put up another banner advising men to focus on their thoughts rather than letting their gaze stray.

Guys, The comment from “Trasth Group,” which is loosely translated as “Fed-up group,” said, “Keep your mind so strong that your mind does not wander no matter what clothes others wear.” Sadhwani claims that the Marathi posters surfaced close to a Pune walking trail.


Several commenters complimented the exchange’s humor, while others related their own experiences with moral policing. One of the somewhat younger uncles urged me not to wear shorts as there are a lot of elderly people around in the evening when the senior citizen gang from my community stopped me while I was doing my nightly stroll. Sneha Sharma, an X user, remarked, “And I responded to him that you are also wearing shorts right now.”