The department was notified by Mumbai Police’s Saeed Salim Pinjari that a woman had passed out during the T20 World Cup 2024 winning parade. 

A woman passed out during the Indian cricket team’s victory parade in Mumbai following their triumph in the T20I World Cup 2024 last week. But because of the Mumbai Police’s fast action, she was saved and removed from the throng.

A lady lost consciousness during the victory procession, according to information provided to the department by police constable Saeed Salim Pinjari. “We ran over to get her, lifted her, and brought her to a spot where she could breathe well. We waited at her side till she regained consciousness, offering her water and chocolates.” After receiving the first treatment, the woman was quickly sent to a neighboring hospital for additional care and a comprehensive examination, which guaranteed her complete recovery. 

A video of the woman was also shared by Mumbai Police’s official Instagram account. In the video, she is seen on the verge of collapsing; at that point, Saeed Salim Pinjari, a police officer, lifts her and brings her to safety. On Sunday, this post was shared. The video has received over four million views since it was shared. There are a ton of likes and comments on the sharing. Numerous individuals admired the Mumbai Police’s efforts and their prompt response.

Someone posted, “Happy birthday, Mumbai police!” Fantastic work, my brother. God is really happy with you. India, jai hind, jai.” Naina B. Shroff, another Instagram user, posted, “May God bless our law enforcement officials and the wonderful guys in our community. Always give respect and a salute.” “We hope to see more Salims in our nation like him. “I’m proud of the Mumbai police,” said Manish Yadav on Instagram. “We hope to see more Salims in our nation like him. “I’m proud of the Mumbai police,” said Manish Yadav on Instagram.

Another one said, “Excellent, sir. When it comes to servicing the public, the Mumbai police have no rivals. Salute, esteem, and hats off to the Mumbai police.” “Real life Dabangg and Singham,” another person wrote. With Cricket, your one-stop shop for live scores, match statistics, infographics, and much more, you can catch every huge smash and every wicket.

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