After reviewing multiple CCTV footage of the collision that killed a woman on Sunday morning, chilling details about the Mumbai BMW hit-and-run case emerged. The BMW driven by the 24-year-old son of a Shiv Sena leader dragged a woman for 1.5 kilometres after striking her, police told a local court today.

Kaveri Nakva and her husband Pradik Nakva were on a two-wheeler when a BMW driven by Mihir Shah, the son of Shiv Sena politician Rajesh Shah, slammed them and drove away.

Rajesh Shah has been arrested, while his son is on the run. 

According to the authorities, CCTV footage from many spots where the BMW passed shows Mihar Shah stopping the car after dragging Kaveri Nakva for 1.5 kilometres and then exchanging seats with his driver.

When asked why they applied the “culpable homicide” charge, the police explained that Mihir Shah took the woman’s body from below the engine compartment and the bumper and left it on the road.

Mihir Shah’s driver then reversed the BMW and ran over the woman’s body before disappearing from CCTV footage, according to investigators.

The driver was “well aware of his actions and assisted the other accused,” the police said in court, justifying the culpable homicide allegation.

The Mumbai disaster is similar to the Pune Porsche hit-and-run case, in which two software engineers on a two-wheeler were killed. The accused’s prominent family in the Pune case allegedly attempted to tamper with evidence and mislead the authorities.

The Mumbai Police have established 11 teams and dispatched the Crime Branch to apprehend Mihir Shah. A notice to prevent him from leaving India has also been issued.

According to police, after the accident, Mihir Shah and co-accused Rajrishi Bidawat drove the BMW to Bandra and abandoned it. The Shiv Sena leader’s son then got another automobile and sped towards Borivali, the city’s northern tip.

He went to his female friend’s residence and has since been untraceable. He turned off his mobile phone at Borivali. Given the probability of him departing Maharashtra, police teams have been dispatched to neighbouring states, including Gujarat,” a police officer stated.

Police proceeded to his house in Palghar, but it was locked, according to the officer.

According to investigators, Mihir Shah partied with four companions in a Juhu pub until the early hours of Sunday morning before driving to south Mumbai with his driver. The police discovered a bar bill of ₹18,000.

Rajesh Shah, Mihir Shah’s father, arrived at the accident site within an hour and a half of it happening. He arrived at the place around 6.45 a.m. The hit-and-run collision occurred about 5.30 a.m. Rajesh Shah has been charged with spreading falsehoods and destroying evidence, according to the police.

Eknath Shinde, Maharashtra’s chairman Minister and Shiv Sena chairman, stated that no one will be spared in the case. “No one, whether rich, influential, or the offspring of bureaucrats or ministers, affiliated with any party, will have immunity as long as I am the Chief Minister,” declared the governor.

Mr Shinde expressed concern over the increase of hit-and-run accidents in Maharashtra. “It is intolerable when the powerful and influential use their position to manipulate the system. “My government will not tolerate such miscarriages of justice,” he declared.

Shiv Sena (UBT) MLA Aaditya Thackeray, who represents the Worli assembly constituency, stated in a post on X on Sunday that he will not discuss Mihir Shah’s political leanings. “… However, I hope the police will move quickly to apprehend the perpetrator and bring him to justice. Aaditya Thackeray expressed hope that the regime will not provide any political asylum.