BLACKPINK’s Lisa has announced the formation of her own management firm.

On February 8, BLACKPINK Lisa finally put those theories and speculations to rest by clarifying what her cryptic updates had hinted to. The Thai rapper and K-pop sensation has launched her own label, LLOUD. She made the announcement on her Instagram account, @lalalalisa_m.

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Announcement for BLACKPINK Lisa’s label, LLOUD

The singer announced the platform’s name to the globe and stated that she will use LLOUD to exhibit her ideas for music and entertainment initiatives. “Join me on this exciting journey as we push through new boundaries together,” she said in the Instagram description.

Prior to the formal release, the firm opened its Instagram account (@wearelloud). Two cryptic photoshoots hinted to Lisa’s imminent announcement. Many admirers saw it as a sign of a possible Hollywood debut, but the project took a different route when the rapper assumed complete control of her artistic expression.

The LLOUD by Lisa website also highlighted the label’s ambitions, which include “transcending genres and connecting generations.” The company’s identity is based on “constant innovation and a commitment to authenticity.” Lisa’s label will strive to push boundaries and create music that not only tops charts but also defies genres.

Her agency now has an official X (formerly Twitter) account and a YouTube channel. Lisa is currently the sole extant artist on LLOUD’s roster. The website also includes her most recent successes, such as her watch partnership with Bulgari as the premium line’s brand ambassador, among others.

Regarding the band’s position, all BLACKPINK members will continue to participate in group activities under YG Entertainment. However, now that Lisa has a new firm, LLOUD will monitor her individual actions.

Lalisa Manobal joins a long line of K-pop stars that are taking control of their artistic careers. EXO’s Baekhyun just founded his own firm, I&B100. His bandmates, Chen and Xiumin, have also signed with the firm.