The mom explained that her children had to finally settle for Maggi noodles.

A mother turned to X, previously Twitter, to express her experience after placing an order on Swiggy for her children. According to user Neha S, the delivery worker designated by Swiggy refused to come up. The mom explained that her children had to finally settle for Maggi noodles. 

“I just ordered something from Swiggy. I have not gotten my order. Your delivery boy declined to deliver the order, saying,’mere pas time nahi hai, jo karna hai kar lo nahi le kar aunga order’. “Where do I go now?” Neha S (@Neha_ns9999) wrote about X. The woman requested a vada pav and a roll. 

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After Neha’s tweet went viral, the firm gave an instant refund.

Swiggy responded to the popular tweet, clarifying that the issue was fixed over the phone. The firm wrote, “@Neha_ns9999. I hope the team can work things out over the phone. We’re right here if you need us for anything:).

In response to the post, several netizens pointed out that the delivery agent shared the name with India cricket captain Rohit Sharma, while others stated that the user purchased vada pav for ₹100, which is widely accessible on the street for ₹15.

“Buying Vada Pav at 100 bucks is a crime and sin and you paying for it,” commented a user on X. 

Another person said, “On a lighter note Rohit Sharma has already delivered a win for India today (February 5).”

“This kind of thing is common in Swiggy and had been happening fort years, delivery guys marking the order delivered/cancelled and then running off with the food, while swiggy tells you that you cancelled the order and makes you pay for it,” a third member of the community stated.