In a brilliant display of ingenuity, a former resident of Delhi NCR found a creative solution to prevent his valuable Apple AirPods from being targeted by thieves. With a retail price starting at a premium ₹12,000, while wireless earphones from other brands can be purchased for as low as ₹899, the AirPods were a tempting target for potential theft.

A Clever Disguise to Outsmart Thieves

ProductApple AirPods
EngravingFist Bump Emoji
PurposeTo resemble Micromax logo and deter theft
ResidentFormer Delhi NCR resident, 23 years old
MotivationHigh instances of phone snatching in the area
Social Media ReactionOver 3 lakh views, 2,000+ likes, amused comments

The Fist Bump Emoji Trick

The 23-year-old, who prefers to go by the moniker “Basked Samosa” on social media, shared his clever hack on X (formerly Twitter). During his time in Delhi NCR, he had witnessed numerous instances of phone snatching, including broad daylight robberies by goons on bikes. Determined to protect his prized possession, he took advantage of Apple’s free engraving service and had the fist bump emoji etched onto his AirPods case.

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A Disguise Fit for a Micromax

The fist bump emoji’s striking resemblance to the Micromax logo was the key to his ingenious plan.He then tried to make his AirPods look like a product that no one would want to steal in an attempt to dissuade thieves from stealing his earphones. “Till now, I have not lost anything and I have taken these precautions,” he said to Hindustan Times.

Social Media Stardom and Indian Innovation

The post shared by the former resident of Delhi NCR received more than 3 lakh views within a short span of time and more than 2000 likes. Indeed, users could not help but laugh at his resourcefulness and called it the ‘desi ingenuity’ and a ‘perfect example of India rising. ‘ One user even posted a picture of their AirPods engraved with the fist-bump emoji after copying the hack.

It all started as a necessity that created a tricky problem that in turn led to the invention of a clever solution.

This is the case of a former Delhi NCR resident who had to come up with a very inventive idea since phone snatching was rife in their city. He did not only safeguard his expensive Apple AirPods but also beat any prospective thieves in a rather unique and creative manner.