Google has launched the mobile app version of its generative AI chatbot Gemini in English and nine Indian languages. Explaining the change in its blog post, the company said, “Now, more people in India will be able to find information and complete tasks in their preferred language This change affects the Gemini app and Gemini Advanced, which provides users with access to Google’s most powerful AI models.

The nine Indian languages that are supported are Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu. Google will also incorporate these nine local languages into Gemini Advanced.

Furthermore, in Gemini Advanced, Google has recently released new features such as new data analysis tools, file upload and Google Messages conversing with Gemini in English.

Besides India, Gemini app is also available in Turkey, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Sundar Pichai’s Statement

Speaking of X – former Twitter, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said: The app lets you type, talk, or even snap a photo to get the help you need. Took a picture of a flat tire to teach how to change it or write a perfect thank you letter.

Google also said, On the app, you can type, speak, or even point your camera and get the help you need. From the basics like capturing an image of a flat tyre to get information on how to change it or writing the perfect thank you notes – the options are limitless. This is a clearer step to making the AI conversational, multimedial and more helpful.

Accessing Gemini

Gemini is offered through the Gemini Android app or through manual activation via Google Assistant. They can then use Gemini by corner swiping, hitting the power button on select phones, or saying “Hey Google.” In iOS devices, access to Gemini is being introduced directly from the Google app, and the users will need to tap the Gemini toggle and commence the conversation.