The young actress who played the role of the junior Babita Phogat in Aamir Khan’s blockbuster Dangal has gone away too soon, leading to a hole in fans and film community’s hearts.

A tragic incident occurred that has shocked the entertainment industry unimaginably, the casting of junior Babita Phogat for the character of Suhani Bhatnagar, who at the age of 19, the talented young actress that brought to life in Aamir Khan’s amazing movie, has perished. The untimely death she suffered is felt across the nation as this brought about tears and sadness on the part of those who knew her personally or her performance for a long time. Such a loss is indeed very tragic knowing that she still has better things to offer art in the world.

The Audition That Changed Her Life

To truly appreciate the magnitude of Suhani’s achievement, let’s take a trip down memory lane. In a revelation that might leave you in awe, casting director Mukesh Chhabra disclosed that a staggering 11,000 girls had auditioned for the roles of the Phogat sisters in Dangal. Yes, you read that right – eleven thousand aspiring actresses vied for the chance to share the screen with the legendary Aamir Khan.

In an interview with, Chhabra reminisced about the arduous task of finding the perfect fit for the film. “We must have auditioned 11,000 girls for the Geeta and Babita roles. Close to 11,000 actually. It took me eight months to do the entire casting for the film. I even did a 15-day acting workshop with them.”

The Spark That Shone Bright

Annoyed with competition of hope seekers, Suhani, however, showed up, leaving the casting team amazed at her nature and talent. Chhabra noted, “We had searched for a suitable actress in Delhi and screened Suhani as well”. She was pure in her own way. Her face was nicer now, BTW, she was handsome, casting her was not a problem. Another important aspect was correctness in portraying the faces that resembled Aamir khan and Sakshi Tanwar. First of all, we had to train a professional team, try out a lot of things and get these girls involved in the project early on.

This emboldened her as an actor to make her debut with a hit sports drama as the younger version of the lead actress who portrayed the role of the illustrious Babita Phogat. With her uncanny resemblance to the lead actors, she confidently stepped into the ensemble cast.

Aamir Khan’s Heartfelt Tribute

Along with the news of Suhani’s passing, Aamir Khan who was instrumental in bringing Dangal alive, uttered that he is shattered with the passing away of the late actress and further go down to commemorate her contributions of selfless love and purity. His production house that is mine by virtue of production, called a statement on Saturday, mourning the loss by stating, “Our deep sense of loss for Suhani that we lost. Our humble condolences to her mother Poojaji, and the entire family as our entire unit mourns. Though a brilliant teenage girl like her was a backup, it was Suhani that made Dangal a metaphorical name for dedication when it was insinuated. Suhani, you will always remain our constellation, our most shining star in our hearts. 

The Tragic Circumstances

As per the past news, Suhani’s admission at AIIMS Delhi’s emergency care unit was because of a severe complication caused by an obscure drug for a fractured leg, according to the media. The cause of her death was that her body had begun to accumulate fluids and cells, which led to the complications that ultimately led to her untimely death at the age of 21.

It is a matter of sadness when an actor of such great talent and promise leaves us like that. One can only speculate on the roles she might have performed on the screen, as a shining star of the future. Her story only adds to the strength of persistence and hard work that is required for dreams to come true. The fact that any voice can transform and enchant even in a room full of other talented people is what talent is all about.

In a world where success is deemed by blockbuster numbers and critics’ response, Suhani’s story is a reminder of the many unknown stories of the scores of hopeful actors dying a thousand deaths wishfully waiting for a break some where. She managed to end the long list of 11,000 who had just began their journey as hopefuls to becoming an essential element of an iconic film. Ultimately, her path makes one see that the perseverance and determinism of the young people in our country turn their dreams into reality.

As we mourn the loss of this gifted actress, let us also celebrate her life and the impact she made in her short but remarkable journey. May her memory inspire future generations of performers to keep striving, to keep shining, and to never give up on their dreams, no matter how insurmountable the odds may seem.

Table: Suhani Bhatnagar’s Audition Journey

Audition DetailsNumbers
Total Girls Auditioned11,000
Roles Auditioned ForGeeta and Babita Phogat
Duration of Casting Process8 Months
Acting Workshop Duration15 Days

In these gloom moments, we should unite to fairly commemorate death of Suhani Bhatnagar, the young lady who drowned in her dream too and while in pursuit of her ambitions was able to also stamp her own mark in the movie industry. Her story represents that anyone anywhere in the world can develop exceptional skills if they just have the drive to take that step forward and choose to be great.

Rest in peace, Suhani. To the luckiest among us you will be etched in our hearts and the hearts of millions, as the modest star, who gave such an impressive performance in Dangal.