A touching discourse about real human connection is sparked online by a Bengaluru resident and an auto driver.

A recent social media post capturing the spirit of true human connection features a heartwarming interaction between an auto driver and a resident of Bengaluru. Many people connected with the post, which was shared by user Namrata S Rao and described as a “cute Bengaluru moment” that happened during a journey.

The auto driver replied in Kannada, “Oh Kannada Baratta” (“You speak Kannada too”), following Rao’s remark on the brutal weather at the beginning of their chat. This brief conversation opened the door to a more in-depth discussion on entrance exams like the CET and NEET, specifically with reference to the driver’s daughter who is presently in Class 11.

When thinking back on the exchange, Rao emphasized the driver’s perceptive answer to the question of whether he regularly had these kinds of talks with passengers. When the driver said, “No madam, we understand people, we get vibes too,” it was clear how sincere he was. That’s because I sensed that you were a sincere individual asking me this question. If not, the passenger will have earbuds in, and I will be driving like I always do.

Post Link: https://x.com/NamrataSRao/status/1784822985360367641

Rao’s message went viral on the internet, receiving over a million views and sparking conversations on the value of real connections in day-to-day living. Reactions were positive, praising Rao’s initiative and compassion for the motorist.

“Honor the Namma Auto Drivers.” jogging even in 38-degree heat. Respect,” a user responded.

Yes, striking up a conversation with a cabbie or car driver is a smart idea if they’re open to it. If not, life is incredibly transactional and, to be honest, dull,” someone else remarked.