In Kochi, a woman hides her pregnancy, puts her baby in a bag, and dumps them onto the street.

Kochi Suspected to be a victim of sexual assault, the 23-year-old woman concealed her pregnancy, gave birth in the bathroom of her apartment early on Friday morning, and then allegedly threw the baby out in front of her apartment complex, which is located in a posh residential area in this Keralan port city. The address on the Amazon delivery package, which had the child’s wrapping and throwing, allowed police to track down the mother and detain her into prison.

The baby was discovered dead inside the neglected package. Around eight in the morning, Conservancy employees of Kochi Corporation discovered the child’s body beside a roadway in the affluent Panampilly Nagar neighborhood and notified the police. The mother has admitted, according to City Police Commissioner S Syamsundar, that she gave birth to the kid in her bathroom this morning between 5:30 and 5:30 AM and then tossed the infant out of fear. It is said that the woman was residing with parents who were not aware of her pregnancy. According to him, they were also unaware of the birth because it took place inside the woman’s sealed bathroom.

After the police questioned the lady and the parents in relation to the event, the commissioner stated, “The parents did not know about the pregnancy until the police came to the flat and questioned them.” But in this case, the police believe there may have been compulsion or evidence of rape. “There is a suspicion that the girl was raped. Investigations will be conducted in this case as well, according to Syamsunder. “In order to give the survivor the necessary medical care, we have moved her to the hospital. The police officer stated, “The girl will be arrested on charges of murder.” The commissioner stated that the post-mortem examination is the only way to determine if the infant was born alive or as a stillbirth.

He said that three hours after the delivery, she was accused of throwing the baby out onto the street. The woman is single and in a state of shock, according to the municipal police chief. The officer said, “Only after thorough questioning can the entire matter be clarified.”