The Uber driver is subjected to insults by a female customer who didn’t even bother to reprimand him, despite his cab breaking down and all.

A recently popular video highlights a situation that is rarely talked about: women harassing guys. A heated conversation between an Uber driver whose car broke down in the middle of the trip and a female customer is captured on camera. The driver is subjected to a flurry of requests and insults, which highlights the difficulties he suffers as a result of his regrettable experience.

The woman is shown in the beginning of the video expressing her anger at the driver for the breakdown and threatening to sue him. She keeps disparaging his means of support by calling his cab “inadequate” (‘Ghatiya, do kodi ki gadi’), even after he begs her to understand. In defense of himself, the driver argues that his daily needs are met by his work, but the woman rejects him and makes fun of his position.

She persisted in demanding reimbursement for the Rs. 150 fare that had been withheld, dismissing the driver’s explanation that Uber handles reimbursements. She even goes so far as to call him an impostor.

The woman’s ego is uncontrolled when the driver threatens to report her behavior to Uber. Threats of physical harm and public humiliation were used by her to intensify the situation. She screamed, “Chappal marungi sidha muh pe.” at him.

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Viewers have responded to the video in a variety of ways; some have called for the woman’s behavior to be condemned as immoral and emphasized the significance of fundamental human decency. She has definitely gone overboard! Even if the car driver may not have properly maintained the car, her behavior is unacceptable. One person commented, “This isn’t how you treat a fellow human being.” “In the future, if these kinds of women falsely accuse someone, the accused does not have to go to jail until proven guilty,” another person said. “Police should note the incident in their records and create a file for these types of people,” another person said.

Others counter that even if her tone was offensive, it is the driver’s duty to keep the car in good working order for the sake of the passengers. “I totally agree with the woman’s point of view,” one person said. To save the passenger from experiencing any discomfort, it is the taxi driver’s duty to keep the vehicle in good working order. But I don’t like the tone she used.

Each is incorrect in their own right. However, the lady this time is more accurate since she has the right to the greatest service available if she is paying the entire price. Indeed, “Rozi roti hai toh theek karao.” Another said, “The car should be safe, tidy, and clean for the customer as Uber promised.”

With over 255K views, the movie has sparked conversations on proper behavior and respect for both customers and service providers.

“We believe respect is a two-way street and there is no place for threatening, discriminatory, and inappropriate behavior on the Uber platform,” an Uber spokesman said to News18. Any shown discriminatory behavior may result in consequences, such as the withdrawal of the user’s access from the Uber app. In all of these situations, including this one, we will follow our community rules.