Case of Swati Maliwal’s claimed “assault”: The AAP MP added that Nirbhaya’s mother was emotional and that some people would even label her a “BJP agent” as she supported Swati Maliwal. 

In the midst of the controversy surrounding Swati Maliwal’s claimed “assault” case, Nirbhaya’s mother has come out in favor of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Rajya Sabha MP Arvind Kejriwal, calling on him to take action against those who are responsible. In an interview with a news outlet, Nirbhaya’s mother stated that since the people believe in Arvind Kejriwal, he had to back Swati Maliwal.

“Swati Maliwal should get justice. She has worked with him for women for eight to ten years. She should be supported. He should speak up and take action against the guilty,” Nirbhaya’s mother stated. “There should be an investigation into this [assault case] because he’s the chief minister, the public trusts him, and he himself says he is the son and brother of Delhi residents.”

After posting a video of Nirbhaya’s mother, Swati Maliwal expressed her emotions and warned that people would label her a “BJP agent.”

Swati Maliwal said, “Nirbhaya’s mother has fought a long battle for justice in the country,” in a post on X. She encouraged me to fast in order to get revenge on child rapists. She created this film today with my cooperation, and it made me feel so emotional. However, it doesn’t really matter because certain leaders would now label her a BJP agent because she backed me.”

In an interview with ANI, Swati Maliwal also related the events of May 13 at Arvind Kejriwal’s home. She said that Bibhav Kumar, the chief minister of Delhi’s personal assistant, had attacked her, and she added that she is not offering “clean chit” to anybody.

“The workers asked me to sit in the drawing room and informed her that Arvind Kejriwal ji was at home and he was coming here to meet me,” the AAP MP stated. I asked, “Kya Hua Kejriwalji aa rahe hai,” as Arvind Kejriwal ji’s PA, Bibhav Kumar, arrived shortly after in an aggressive manner. Is that right? I told all of this, and he smacked me. Seven or eight slaps from him [Bibhav Kumar]. I tried to shove him, but he grabbed my legs and said, “Mujhe ghaseet diya.”As soon as I hit the ground, Bibhav began thrashing my legs. Nobody came to rescue despite my cries for assistance,” said Swati Maliwal.

The AAP MP added that this is all under investigation and that she doesn’t know if she was beaten up on orders from anybody.