Ghazal Alagh of Mamaearth provided six discussion points on how a person might lead their sector as a market leader. The article has gained widespread popularity.

Ghazal Alagh of Mamaearth used X to provide some advice to her followers. She included a list of tips on how to become a market leader in her post. “Stop relying on industry assumptions,” she continued.

Use the First Principles method of thought. This is how, wrote Alagh. “Clarify your thinking and explain the origin of your ideas,” was the first thing she remarked. Then, “Challenge assumptions,” she said. She offered the advice to “Challenge assumptions” as the third tip. She continued with three more pieces of advice after that.

The final paragraph of her tweet said, “Daring to rethink the fundamentals using first principles can lead to game-changing innovation and market leadership.” She included a photo of herself finishing off her article as well.

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A day ago, the post was shared. The share has received close to 4,000 views since then. In addition, the post has received around 100 likes. One user remarked, “Priceless indeed!” while another responded with a thumbs-up emoticon.

Ghazal Alagh’s Profession

As a Corporate Trainer at NIIT, Ghazal started her career teaching engineers and managers how to code using different IT firms’ tools and coding languages. Her starting salary was a meager ₹1,200 per day. This is what she stated in her social media post about it:

My first income was modest, earning Rs 1,200/day as a weekend corporate trainer. I recall the joy of taking my mom shopping and sharing a memorable dinner.

Later on, she tried her hand at a few other ventures, such as starting Diet Expert and working as an artist at Being Artsy.

Her greatest leap, however, occurred in the subsequent phase of her work, which began when she and her spouse, Varun Alagh, discovered the majority of infant goods available on the Indian market were loaded with toxic and dangerous substances when looking for toxin-free options for their child.


Mamaearth, a subsidiary of Honasa Consumer Ltd., made its debut with seven products and a ₹25 lakh investment, specializing in infant care items.

Subsequently, the company launched skincare and makeup lines. The company owns brands such as Ayuga, The Derma Co., and Aqualogica. Additionally, it has stakes in BBLUNT, a salon company, Momspresso, and Dr. Sheth’s, a beauty brand.

Mamaearth, a direct-to-consumer firm, is proud to be the first Asian brand to get the “MADE SAFE” accreditation. The business is renowned for providing goods that are free of toxins. The business first concentrated on its online marketplace before growing to include physical locations. On October 31, 2023, Honasa Consumer Ltd., Mamaearth’s parent business, made its first public offering (IPO).

This gave rise to the concept of making their own eco-friendly, toxin-free infant goods, which resulted in the establishment of Mamaearth in 2016 under the name Honasa Consumer Pvt Ltd.