Shyam Brijesh will never forget July 2, when 40 constables assigned to manage the 2.5 lakh worshippers at godman Narayan Saakar Vishwa Hari’s “satsang” found it difficult to manage the crush, young people like Brijesh from nearby Barai Sahaipur, Bamanhar Gadai, Mughalgarhi, Kheria, Nagla Bhage, and other villages volunteered to rescue those trapped in the stampede that claimed 121 lives.

One of the first rescuers to arrive at the scene, Brijesh, a resident of the nearby village of Barai Sahaipur, described the stampede as “one of the most dreadful sights of my life.”

“Even after nearly 48 hours, I can still hear the screams and shrieks of women and children pleading with people to leave them alone so they can breathe.” It was the worst website I had ever seen. Baba, the event’s organizers, and everyone else involved need to face consequences,” he declared.

The day of the “satsang” was just like any other for Brijesh. “I got up early as usual, finished my daily chores, and headed to the field, which is about 300 meters from the congregation site,” he said to News18.

The majority of the farmers had come home after laboring in their fields, wearing heavy rain gear, and listening to Bhole Baba’s lectures blasted over loudspeakers. It was a muggy day, he remarked. “I heard a screech for the first time at approximately 2 or 2.15 p.m., but it quickly subsided among the sound of bhajans and the commotion of heavy traffic on the nearby GT road. However, the shouts and screams eventually became so loud that they drowned out the sound of the bhajans, according to Brijesh.

His pals Rajkumar, Vikas, and others hurried to catch up with him as he went towards the location of the Satsang to assess the situation. “We were pushed aside by black-clad private commandos as soon as we arrived at the location. After we crossed their boundary, we witnessed the most horrific scene I had ever seen. Brijesh remembered that when Baba’s soldiers stopped them from leaving, there was a hole at the exit that was filled with the remains of women and children who could have fallen because of the slick terrain.

The bodies had mud all over them, making them slick. We eliminated them one by one for whatever reason. Vikas hurried to GT Road to get assistance in the meanwhile. Truck drivers, drivers, and other residents soon joined us when they stopped their cars and came to the scene to help rescue victims. Many of the individuals we pulled out of the hole remained silent. Nevertheless, local cars assisted in getting the survivors to the hospital quickly,” he continued.

In addition to emptying the hole, Brijesh and the others saved a great number of individuals who were struggling to breathe due to the muck in their mouths and nostrils.

“I don’t believe we accomplished anything noteworthy. In my opinion, everyone should step up to assist those in need, particularly in situations like this. Another resident, Shyam Kumar, said, “I implore our Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath-ji to take stern action against the Baba and others whose negligence cost many people their lives.”

Before a team from the district administration and the police force arrived to assist, locals said that the rescue effort had been ongoing for about two hours. Devotees seated on the ground were crushed as a result of the unruly mob departing the site, according to the formal complaint (FIR) that the UP Police filed against 22 people, including the Sewadaars and other organizers.

 The organizing members used sticks to physically halt the mob of people racing through the muddy fields and water on the other side of the street. Using every resource at their disposal, the police and administrative personnel on the scene transferred the injured individuals to the hospital. However, the organizers were uncooperative.