Other instructors and staff members can be seen attempting to break up the altercation between the two ladies in the widely shared footage of the event.

A teacher who arrived late to the pre-secondary school in Seegana village, Agra, got into a violent altercation with the principal of the establishment. An accidental video has gone viral.

Other educators and staff members are seen attempting to break up the altercation between the two ladies in the widely shared video. An NDTV story claims that the principal physically assaulted Gunjan Choudhary, one of the school’s teachers.

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The principal attacked the instructor to start the brawl, as shown in the widely shared video. A person could be heard shouting, “This is being filmed,” in the background during the altercation. It’s being impolite of you, Madam. Does this suit your needs?” A guy attempted to divide the two women in the meanwhile.

The two ladies grabbed and tugged one other’s clothing as the altercation continued. “Will she tear my clothes?” the principal inquired after noticing a small rip in her clothing.

According to the complaint, throughout the altercation, the two ladies loudly insulted one another. “Maar ke dikha de agar dum hain toh,” the instructor allegedly added. Kya kar lega tu aur tera driver (If you have the courage, beat me). “What are you and your driver going to do?”

The principal is said to have stated, “Kisiki dadagiri nahi chalegi yaha” (Nobody’s rowdiness would be permitted here). A guy who attempted to defend the principal was shoved by other instructors.

The principal then filed a police complaint against the instructor, according to the newspaper.

Here’s how internet users responded to the popular video.

“Why do individuals vent their resentment and fears on others, particularly their coworkers at work? It’s incomprehensible,” a user said.

Imagine the battles between the pupils in this school if there were role models like this teacher/principal. “It appears that the entire staff lacks fundamental moral principles,” another user said.

“Private schools have become shops where these teachers are salesperson and poor parents r just customers .. what do they teach to the students.. frustrated principal.. and surely her degrees would be from diploma mills,” said a third user.