K-pop girl group TWICE plans to reach a new peak on the Billboard main chart with their cheerful new album, which is about love and friendship, and their ongoing global tour, the group told Reuters.

Since making their debut in 2015, the nine-piece band has contributed to the global K-pop sensation with their upbeat songs, memorable melodies, and choreography.

Friday marked the release of TWICE’s album “With YOU-th,” which came out after the release of the English-only single “I Got You” earlier this month.

TWICE members expressed their excitement to perform as a group in an interview with Reuters, stating that they had spent the previous year concentrating on solo or sub-unit activities.

According to Chaeyoung, the six-track mini album and its lead single, “One Spark,” were designed to capture the members’ love and enthusiasm for each other as well as for the fans. She co-wrote the lyrics with Jeongyeon and Dahyun, the other two band members.

“I think this album is a collection of things that represent our youth, the friendship and special bond that glues together nine of us and that only TWICE can show,” she stated.

TWICE’s management, JYP Entertainment Corp, opened a new tab stating that the pre-released single, “I Got You,” has topped iTunes’ top songs chart in 41 locations. The band hopes to win a higher position on the Billboard main chart.

“I had a dream. Even if we don’t come in first place on the Billboard, I’ll be ecstatic,” Chaeyoung remarked.

TWICE is scheduled to visit Las Vegas in March after resuming its fifth world tour, which saw them play in Mexico City and Sao Paulo this month. The band members will perform at Nissan Stadium in Kanagawa, Japan, in July, making history as the first foreign female performers to do so.

TWICE, like many other K-pop groups, has to deal with busy schedules and public pressure, but they claimed that their strength as a group and “letting go of things” helped them manage.

Jeongyeon added that she had studied boxing as a way to relax. “You need to learn to rely on the people around you, and to get help from them, not do everything alone,” Mina stated.