Yami Gautam’s explosive performance as an intrepid intelligence officer in Article 370 has impressed critics and audiences alike, propelling the film’s box office collection to an estimated ₹5.75 crore net on day 1. The film, produced by RSVP Films, Ronnie Screwvala’s venture, came out worldwide on Feb 24th. Critics laud Yami as the heroine who makes a debut to the silver screen, and Article 370 has a promising weekend at theaters!

Yami Gives a Knockout Performance in Stimulating Role Playing

Reviews spotlighted Yami Gautam as the pillar that made the hard-hitting film possible, and it proves successful in tackling the hard and sensitive issues of terrorism and corruption in Jammu and Kashmir.

The allure of Yami’s character comes from her straight-up persona and power which the courageous spy exhibits in her goals and does not mind breaking the law to achieve them.

Critics particularly loved Yami’s intensity during confrontations with enemies or colleagues, where she stands up fiercely for her fellow officers. Her dialogue delivery and action sequences prove she can more than match her male co-stars when it comes to stunts.

Priyamani’s Nuanced Act Also Earns Plaudits

While Yami grabs eyeballs, Priyamani too earned praise for her subtle and restrained performance as a conflicted Kashmiri caught between radicals and army. Her calm and maturity balances Yami’s fiery agent, with both actresses playing off each other brilliantly.

Article 370 Shines Light on J&K Terrorism, Corruption

The film chronicles the rise of extremism in 1980s Kashmir, when radicals seek to seize control through violence and fear. 

Yami steps in as an NIA agent tasked with a dangerous mission to crush terrorism and uproot corruption in the valley. She pursues the mission with single-minded devotion, determined to eliminate the dreaded Article 370 at any cost.

Her character represents India’s resolve to combat terror and reclaim Kashmir as an integral part of the nation.

Director Aditya Dhar Praises Yami’s Dedication

At the trailer launch, director Aditya Dhar praised Yami’s complete commitment to the complex role. He stated her portrayal of a fierce, patriotic intelligence officer out to expose vested interests shows why she is one of Bollywood’s most versatile actresses today.

Aditya also clarified that the intent behind Article 370 is only to highlight India’s ongoing fight against terrorism, not any religious propaganda.

With its balanced portrayal and Yami’s bravura act, the film looks likely to spur a nationwide debate on Kashmir and national security.

Yami Proves Female Actresses Can Carry Hit Action Films  

With her first out-and-out action role, Yami has broken the glass ceiling and proved female stars can deliver hits in this genre, previously the mainstay of male actors.

She described the rigorous physical preparation required, including core strength training and martial arts. Her transformation into an action heroine will inspire more actresses to undertake such challenging parts.

Yami’s star turn has exceeded expectations and sets her up for more lead roles in 2023. She looks ready to take on the big Khans and Kumars of Bollywood! Article 370’s strong opening day fueled by Yami’s winning act points to a successful run at the box office. This hard-hitting film is a must-watch for its balanced perspective on Kashmir and terrorism.