Love makes us do crazy things, but a Hyderabad entrepreneur took it to criminal lengths when she stalked, kidnapped and tried to forcibly marry a TV anchor after becoming obsessed with him.

In a plot straight out of a thriller, 31-year-old Trisha hired goons to abduct the hapless anchor and make him acquiesce to her marriage wish. However, the anchor approached police after his traumatic ordeal, leading to the arrest of Trisha and her hired hands. This extraordinary case has shocked Hyderabad and highlights the dark side of romantic obsession.

Woman Falls for Matrimonial Profile, Then Discovers It’s Fake

Trisha’s problematic infatuation began two years ago when she saw the profile of TV anchor Pranav on a matrimony site. His photos attracted her and she started chatting with the account holder. 

However, the ambitious entrepreneur soon realised she had been catfished – the account was fake and the photos were used without Pranav’s consent by a cyber fraudster. 

Undeterred, the smitten woman tracked down Pranav’s real number and contacted him on a messaging app. He informed her about the fake profile and police complaint, requesting her not to disturb him further.

But Trisha Had Already Fallen Hard for the Celebrity Anchor

Though Pranav wanted nothing to do with her, Trisha was already head-over-heels for him. She bombarded the uninterested anchor with texts and calls, turning into a cyber stalker.

When he blocked her number, the obsessed woman decided to take the most outrageous step to make Pranav hers – kidnap and forcibly marry him!

Woman Commissions Goons to Abduct Anchor for Forced Marriage

To execute her crazy marriage plan, Trisha installed a tracking device on Pranav’s car to monitor him. She then hired four goons to abduct the anchor from a parking lot and bring him to her office.

The kidnappers brutally beat up Pranav before taking him to Trisha. But the terrified man refused to marry his tormentor.

Only after he promised to return her calls did the unhinged woman free the traumatised anchor, who immediately approached police.

Cops Arrest Woman and Her Henchmen for Abduction 

Based on Pranav’s complaint, Hyderabad Police arrested Trisha and her four abductors. She has been charged with kidnapping, wrongful restraint and confinement.

Her shocking actions have spotlighted the pressing issue of stalking and women harassing men in toxic romantic quests.

Trisha’s drastic methods provoked plenty of chai-time discussion and social media debate. Many quipped that had the genders been reversed, it would be termed “romantic” instead of criminal. 

Others pointed out that stalking by women is often overlooked in society compared to men doing it. But Trisha’s case proves obsession has no gender and must be dealt with strongly.

The harrowing experience has left anchor Pranav disturbed and wary. He confessed feeling confused at being victimised for his looks and popularity. However, the support of family, friends and counsellors is helping him heal.

As for Trisha, her misguided romantic adventure has jeopardised her business and reputation. This modern-day ‘jilted lover’ faces a tough legal battle ahead.    

Her extreme actions offer a cautionary tale about the pitfalls of unchecked infatuation. Hopefully it will make those nursing unhealthy obsessions reconsider before taking any regrettable steps.

Stalking and forced marriages have no place in modern society. Trisha’s arrest brings that message home loud and clear.

Relevant sections under the Indian Penal Code(IPC) that address these actions

I wanted to chat about a couple important laws here in India – specifically around stalking, kidnapping, abduction, and forced marriage. These seem like pretty serious issues that could really impact someone’s safety and freedom.

1. Stalking

When it comes to stalking, section 354D defines it as repeatedly following, contacting, or monitoring someone in a way that causes distress or fear. That makes sense to me – stalking can definitely make someone feel unsafe. If convicted of stalking, a person could face years in jail or fines.

2. Kidnapping

Kidnapping is covered in section 359. It talks about taking someone out of the country when they didn’t give consent, or taking a minor or person with disabilities without permission from their lawful guardian. Those scenarios completely rob someone of their freedom, so I’m glad kidnapping is illegal.

The punishment for kidnapping is imprisonment of either description for a term that may extend up to seven years, along with a fine.

3. Abduction

Section 362 of the IPC defines abduction. It occurs when someone compels or deceitfully induces another person to leave a place. The punishment for abduction falls under the broader kidnapping penalties.

4.Forcible Marriage

Finally, section 366 covers kidnapping or abducting a woman to force her into marriage against her will. That would carry the same punishments as other kidnapping/abduction offenses.

I think it’s valuable that India has laws like these in place to protect people’s safety and autonomy. What are your thoughts on these types of laws? I’m interested to hear your perspective.