According to authorities, a businesswoman who allegedly pursued and then abducted a TV music channel anchor with the goal of marrying him was taken into custody on Friday in Hyderabad.

They claimed that the woman had put a tracking device in the TV anchor’s car in order to follow him around and observe his activities.

Two years ago, the thirty-one-year-old woman, who owns a digital marketing company, began corresponding with the account user after seeing the TV anchor’s pictures on a marriage website. She later discovered, though, that the account holder had been using the TV anchor’s picture—rather than his own—as his matrimonial site profile picture. After that, she looked through the profile and discovered the anchor’s phone number.

Upon contacting the anchor via an instant messaging app, she was notified that an unidentified person had used his photo to construct a fraudulent account on the matrimonial website. He also reported the incident to the Cyber Crime police station.

The woman did, however, keep messaging the anchor. According to investigators, he then blocked her number. According to authorities, the woman, who was adamant about marrying the anchor, had planned to abduct him in the hopes of resolving the situation. In order to observe the victim’s activities, she implanted a tracking device on his car and hired four people to kidnap the anchor.

According to the authorities, the victim was abducted on February 11 by the four hired men, who then took him to the woman’s office where they severely beat him. The TV host was only released after responding to the woman’s cries out of fear for his life, according to the police.

After that, he filed a complaint with the Uppal police station, and the Indian Penal Code (IPC) sections 363 (kidnapping), 341 (wrongful restraint), and 342 (wrongful imprisonment) were cited in the case.

The accused woman and the four men she hired to carry out the kidnapping were both taken into custody by the police over the course of the inquiry.