Authorities were notified by India’s consulate in Seattle about the Jaahnavi Kandula case, and they are “monitoring progress.” 

When a Seattle police officer was responding to an overdose call, he struck Indian student Jaahnavi Kandula with his car. However, the prosecution’s lawyer concluded there was not “sufficient” evidence to file charges against the officer. After then, the Indian embassy in Seattle brought up the matter with the relevant authorities and kept an eye on the development. 

On January 23, Kandula, 23, was crossing a roadway in Seattle when she was hit by a police car driven by Officer Dave. While travelling to a report of a drug overdose call, he was travelling at 74 mph (more than 119 km/h). The police patrol car hit Kandula, who was flung 100 feet in the air.

Officer Daniel Auderer joked about the fatal collision in bodycam footage made public by the Seattle Police Department. He also downplayed any suggestion that Dave was at blame or that a criminal probe was required.

Because there is insufficient evidence to establish a criminal case against Seattle Police Officer Kevin Dave beyond a reasonable doubt, the King County Prosecutor’s Office said on Wednesday that they will not pursue criminal charges against him.

Additionally, the Indian embassy in Seattle stated that it was keeping an eye on the case’s developments and will do all within its power to help Kandula and her family receive justice.

“On the recently released investigation report of the King County Prosecution Attorney on the unfortunate death of Jaahnavi Kandula, the Consulate has been in regular touch with the designated family representatives and will continue to extend all possible support in ensuring justice for Jaahnavi and her family,” the mission stated in a post on X.

“In order to get the proper reparation, we have also brought up the issue vigorously with local authorities, such as Seattle Police. The Seattle City Attorney’s office has now been tasked with reviewing the matter,” the post stated on Friday.

It further stated that the mission would keep an eye on the case’s development as it awaited the conclusion of Seattle Police’s administrative probe.

Protesters from the local community and the South Asian community had called for justice for the Indian student who had died so brutally.

The King County Prosecuting Attorney made the following statement on Wednesday: “Kandula’s death is heartbreaking and impacted communities in King County and across the world.”

According to a statement, King County Prosecuting Attorney Leesa Manion feels that there is insufficient evidence to establish a criminal case beyond a reasonable doubt.

“The King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office is in charge of looking at all the evidence that is out there in the case of Seattle Police Officer Kevin Dave and Jaahnavi Kandula’s accident death in January 2023. I’ve concluded that, in accordance with Washington State law, we don’t have enough evidence to establish a criminal case beyond a reasonable doubt after staffing this case with senior deputy prosecuting attorneys and office management.”

The prosecutor’s office described the remarks made by Seattle Police Officer Daniel Auderer, captured on his body-worn video, as “appalling and deeply troubling” in the statement.

Auderer, who was not in the crash in January, was heard chuckling and stating, “But she is dead” on camera. In any case, she was 26,” Auderer stated in the video. “She had limited value.” “Officer Auderer’s comments were also unprofessional and undermined the public’s trust in the Seattle Police Department and law enforcement in general,” Manion added.

Even if Officer Auderer’s remarks are heinous, the PAO’s legal interpretation of Officer Dave’s actions remains unaltered. The disciplinary inquiry and procedures pertaining to Officer Auderer’s remark are under the purview of the Office of Police Accountability, not the PAO.”

In September 2023, Auderer was placed in a “non-operational position” after being removed off patrol. Auderer’s bodycam footage of his offensive remarks may result in his termination. Both the Office of Police Accountability (OPA) and Auderer’s chain of command concluded that his actions were unprofessional. According to a disciplinary action report, he faces the highest disciplinary range for that, which includes a roughly two-week suspension up to termination. According to local media in Seattle, Dave’s speed “did not allow (Kandula) or him sufficient time to detect, address, and avoid a hazard that presented itself,” which is what caused the incident.

According to the Seattle Police Department, Dave was attending to a “priority one” call at the request of the Seattle Fire Department. The police report states that the officer was called in in response to a drug overdose report.

The policeman did not always have his siren on. Rather, at the junction, the cop “chirped” his siren. The police department had previously said that he had his emergency lights on.

Prosecutors said there was insufficient evidence to establish Dave had demonstrated “conscious disregard for others safety” in a memo to Seattle police.

When a drug recognition specialist arrived on the scene, they discovered that the officer was not impaired. Kandula was a graduate student at the Seattle campus of Northeastern University. In January 2023, the institution announced that it will give her family a posthumous degree.