Japanese fans have spoken their opinions, and their judgment is widely accepted in the entertainment industry of East Asia, even in a field where beauty is frequently arbitrary. One actress in her twenties has emerged to take the title of most beautiful Korean lady amid a cluster of brilliant stars.

Who won? It’s none other than the alluring Kim Yoo Jung, a figure whose compelling performances and alluring on-screen presence have left their mark on the annals of Korean drama. Kim Yoo Jung has surpassed her contemporaries in terms of beauty, according to the prestigious Japanese ranking website “Rankingoo.” Her allure is universal.

All respondents to the survey—a heterogeneous group of 2,175 people—from teenagers to people in their forties expressed admiration for Kim Yoo Jung’s attractiveness. She has won over admirers both domestically and internationally with her big, expressive eyes and charming, innocent grin.

Two strong competitors that came in second and third, respectively, are the mysterious Han So Hee and the gifted Suzy. They are not far behind the reigning queen. These actresses have surely made a lasting impression on the business, but Kim Yoo Jung’s special combination of skill, charm, and otherworldly beauty has helped her rise to the top of the Japanese charts.

Online users have been praising the young star profusely, bestowing onto her commendable remarks that verge on poetry. “I became a fan because she is very cute,” declared one admirer, “she is the strongest actress in Korean dramas, especially in historical dramas,” and a third declared, “Her beauty seems like it’s drawn in a painting.”

Kim Yoo Jung has become well-known for her ability to enthrall audiences with her attractive on-screen persona and skillful acting. Even though it has long passed, her genius acting in the famous drama “Love in the Moonlight” is still strongly etched in the minds and hearts of all the fans all over the world. She portrayed as Hong Ra-on, a eunuch who took the cross-dressing to guard her identity as a woman in this period drama, and became a hit with the royalty due to her charm with the handsome Lee Yeong, played by the same enigmatic Park Bo-gum.

It was a huge success; the program had the highest rating of 23.3%, which just goes to show that Kim Yoo Jung and her co-stars were so charming and engaging. The fact that she is a rising star, that transcends genre and age barriers with her free-spirited talents and charm, was determined by that performance.

Kim Yoo Jung will kick-off her binge-watching era as well as her small screen skills. She will appear in a cameo in the highly anticipated Netflix drama “Chicken Nugget” that will be aired on March 15. She will portray Min-ah, a girl who discovers a mysterious machine and is turned into a chicken nugget, like in the story of a fairytale.

The storyline that chiefly focuses on Seong-man (Ryu Seung-ryong), a young man called Baek-jung who has a secret crush on Min-ah but ultimately, the two of them seek to find Min-ah in her bird form.

Kim Yoo Jung has not only become a powerful figure in the entertainment industry but also proves that she is capable of capturing attention whether she acts in drama, variety show, or movie with her bewitching beauty, undeniable talent, and remarkable versatility. One thing is certain as she keeps growing and changing: she has thus, become a genuine rose among the thorns, a lighthouse of beauty and talent that pierces through boundaries and generations.